The ever-evolving world of Digital Print is pushing boundaries like never before.

Toner based technologies are now a true competitor for traditional printing techniques, with the versatility to print on a wider range of substrates without any kind of pre-treatment or preparation.

Very rarely are we asked to show a 4-colour sample printed on 200gsm silk. This is pretty much a given that this kind of bread and butter work is no problem.

We now find ourselves striving to give the end user that “Added Value” they crave in their design projects.

Extensive testing and collaboration with Paper suppliers is paramount to our future in Digital Print.

With the introduction of Split pack options in buying, we no longer have to buy by the 1000s or tonnage.

The creative print projects are invariably short run so 50-100 sheet packs are a real advantage to the printer.

The Paragraphs below show exactly why we should embrace the Media and substrates we use

The right media brings you into a whole new world of Digital Print enhancements.

Of the 8 most common listed in the diagram, 6 can be applied in-line with Ricoh print technology.

Using 5th colour toners, White, Neon Yellow and Pink, Clear and UV Invisible Red we can really bring the designs to whole new level.

With White we can print 4 colour imagery on dark coloured or clear transparent materials.

Neons can enhance colour gamut while at the same time helping images leap off the page.

Clear can act as a Watermark in the background or UV effect on printed items.

The ‘Invisible’ UV red can give you the option to print basic security features.

These options bring the “Added Value” we are talking about.

The print market is more competitive than ever before so having these options will give you, the print service provider, the chance to bring some margin back into your work.

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*Information and support provided by Brad Hyde of Ricoh UK Ltd and Xerox UK marketing

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